Let's Write Web3 Into Reality.

The world is waking up to the power of Web3.

We can't squander the opportunity.

To date, the Web3 space has been led by talented technical experts — the developers who are building the future of a freer and fairer internet.

However, those origins often mean on-chain orgs end up playing catch-up when bringing on skilled communicators — at a time where communicating the purpose and promise of Web3 is more essential than ever.

My mission is to help build a better Web3 future by helping on-chain companies understand and communicate their essential purpose to their core communities.

Call me Prometheus.

I'm an experienced writer who specializes in helping Web3 projects light the fire that builds transformational communities around shared purpose.

I wrote the Braintrust whitepaper, which headed off the successful launch of the BTRST token, 70X community growth, and the $100M BTRST purchase by Coatue, Tiger Global, Blockchange Ventures, HashKey, and others in Fall 2021.

I am currently the editor of the Future of Work blog, and have written white papers and thought leadership pieces for Braintrust, Flipside Crypto, MetricsDAO, and others.

My background is as a journalist and content writer for Fortune 500 companies. I have published business, political and cultural coverage everywhere from the New York Times to USA Today.

I am selective in my projects. If you are interested, please drop me a line: web3writer@gmail.com